Friends Southwest recognizes the importance of the spiritual, emotional, and mental health of our pastors. We believe these elements work together in our lives to bring us to the point of maturity in Christ. In order to care for our pastors, we have a multitude of resources you can find below including tools to make therapy more accessible, people to reach out to, and an archive of podcasts with practical information to help care for your well being. We want to encourage pastors to seek out the help they need to lead out of a place of health. 

counseling - scholarships and referrals

A note from our executive director, Heidi Matson.

Sometimes it’s very helpful to have an objective, trained person involved in listening to and understanding our current struggles. We want to be of support to you and help you find the resources you need to address the difficulties you may be facing. Please feel free to reach out to me so I can assist you in finding the right method and person for you. As a pastor and licensed therapist myself, I understand the unique needs of pastors and have many connections in the counseling community. 

You can email Heidi at

need prayer?

Kent Walkemeyer is available to pray for and with pastors, in person or on the phone. Email him at with your prayer request or to set up a time for a phone call or to meet for coffee.

FUEL Podcast

You can search "Fuel: A Friends Southwest Podcast" on Apple Podcasts and subscribe there. Below are a couple of episodes, access the full library by navigating to the Fuel Podcast Page under the resource tab on our main menu.