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Friends Southwest is dedicated to deliberately developing pastors and ministry leaders into the men and women God has called them to be. We come alongside FSW churches to provide leadership development pathways, pastoral mentorship and coaching, and assist with discerning next steps in one's calling.

leadership foundation

The FSW Leadership Foundation is a twelve-week leadership development program designed to grow and train leaders within FSW churches in three distinct commitments:

  • A commitment to the Whole Gospel

  • A commitment to Becoming and Belonging

  • A commitment to Learning and Leading

Through intentional teaching and guided cohorts, the Leadership Foundation creates a shared experience and united footing for pastors, church staff, and lay leaders across FSW. Those who participate in it are challenged to deeply understand and experience the depth and breadth of the Gospel. They also grow in self-awareness, becoming increasingly emotionally healthy and mature as they are equipped to think and lead like Jesus. The ideal candidate is a staff member or key lay leader involved in a FSW church who desires to take the next step in their personal and ministry development.

The Leadership Foundation currently runs in Los Angeles and Orange County with plans to expand into other regions soon.

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Leadership Foundation Testimonial Micah Darden, Canyon Hills Friends Church

My wife and I have loved our experience in Leadership Foundation. From the start we were given a clear roadmap of the course material along with the books we would be going over as a cohort. Going through these resources with other committed leaders week in and week out was a great experience of spiritual growth. Additionally, there were amazing speakers each month that helped us further develop our understanding of leadership and God's calling for our lives.

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Kyle and Kevin are excited to connect with leaders interested in Leadership Foundation

Lead Pastor Cohort

The FSW Lead Pastor Cohort is a second-year option for leaders who have participated in Leadership Foundation (previously called Leaderhip Journey)  and feel called to explore the possibility of becoming a Lead Pastor. This cohort is designed to develop future lead pastors who will plant churches, launch campuses, or lead and revitalize existing congregations. The Cohort focuses on the character and competency required to lead a church. It helps develop practical thinking and strategic skills around leadership, communication, finances, and church governance. Participants are exposed to new avenues of thinking, a wide-range of guest speakers and practitioners, and are paired with a coach who is a few years ahead of them in the journey. If you are interested in joining a future Lead Pastor Cohort or have questions about them, you can email Kevin at

friends center seminary training
Equipping the next generation of pastors and leaders for friends churches.

Friends Center serves seminary students pursing pastoral leadership in the Friends movement. Most of our students are at Azusa Pacific Seminary, but Friends students at other seminaries can also participate.

Friends Center offers:

  • Relational learning communities for Friends seminary students
  • Personal and pastoral guidance in your ministry discovery
  • Networking with Friends leaders, Friends churches, and other Friends seminary students
  • Friends theology and ministry courses
  • Scholarship support

For more information, please contact

Instituto Hispano para Estudios Teológicos (IHPET)
Educar para crecer, crecer para transformar, transformar para servir y servir para existir.

IHPET es la asciación cenectando Friends Southwest and Azusa Pacific Seminary. Licenciatura en Estudios Teologícos:

  • Humanidades 
  • Biblia
  • Teología e Historia
  • Practica Pastoral
  • Especialidad: Liderazgo y Gerencia Eclesial

Para obtener más información, puede enviar un correo electrónico a