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Evangelical Friends Mission is the mission-sending arm of Friends Southwest. Its purpose and passion is to fuel a worldwide movement of people who seek the kingdom of God first, planting churches that live and die to carry out the Great Commission in the spirit of the Great Commandment.

In partnership with Evangelical Friends of North America, EFM seeks to mobilize churches and send missionaries from North America to the ends of the earth. Currently, EFM supports more than 20 households around the world. For more information about Evangelical Friends Mission and know how to get involved, go to friendsmission.com

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Sung Kim

Sung is the EFM Regional Coordinator for FSW. In his role, he serves Evangelical Friends Mission to help promote missions around the world and serve the churches of FSW to follow the call of the great commission in the spirit of the great commandment. He also serves as the Executive Pastor at Gateway Friends Church in Diamond Bar, CA.

If you're interested in missions or have questions, feel free to contact Sung at sungk@fsw.church.

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meet the efm missionaries from friends southwest serving in cambodia

The Sward Family

Scott and Andrea Sward have been serving as missionaries in Cambodia since September 2009. Prior to moving to Cambodia, they spent nine years ministering to Cambodian-Americans in Long Beach, CA as members of Long Beach Friends Church.

The Swards recently moved to Steung Treng, a province in Northeast Cambodia where they will focus on training leaders, reaching the unreached (less than 2% of Cambodians profess Jesus Christ as Lord), and developing Christian materials in Khmer.

Elise Paty

Elise Paty began her first term as a missionary to Cambodia in March 2017. After graduating from Biola University in 2010, Elise served in Cambodia for two years. God opened her heart to the people there and to His deep compassion for Cambodia. Elise is currently back in the United States after faithfully serving in Cambodia for the last 6 years with FSW. She will begin a new chapter in her life with her fiancé, and will be winding down her time as an EFM/FSW missionary until the end of October. We are grateful for Elise’s contributions to our mission in Cambodia!


The churches of Friends Southwest first became involved in Cambodia in 1994, in response to the invitation of some Cambodian-American members of Long Beach Friends Church (LBFC).

After a time of prayer and discernment, in 1997, Ray and Virginia Canfield, and Gary and Christine Colfax were commissioned by Friends Southwest to strengthen and build upon the pioneer work of those at LBFC. Afterwards, a number of other Friends missionaries followed the Canfields and Colfaxes to Cambodia to assist with the work. From the beginning until now, Friends missionaries in Cambodia have had the same goal—that is, to bear witness to the good news of Jesus Christ in word and deed, and to build up a strong Cambodian church. Much good work has been done. And there’s still much work left to do.

meet the efm missionaries from friends southwest serving in ireland

Kathi Perry

Kathi Perry has been serving with EFM in Ireland since 2001. After working as part of a church planting team in Dublin for several years, she moved to Greystones, County Wicklow in 2007 to start a new work. Kathi has worked to develop connections in the community, offering groups for mothers and babies/toddlers, Bible study for mums, and more recently a family worship called “Little Friends and Family,” where she uses Godly Play curriculum to tell stories and help children to “wonder” about God. COVID-19 restrictions in Ireland made group meetings impossible, and Kathi is praying for new strategies to connect with these families in meaningful ways. 

"Teach me your way, O Lord, and I will walk in your truth; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name. I will praise you, O Lord my God, with all my heart, and I will glorify your name forever." (Psalm 86: 11, 12). 

Kathi says, "The request of the psalmist “give me an undivided heart” speaks to me when it is so easy to be distracted by the busy-ness of life. May my heart be undivided. May I walk in Your truth. May my life be one that glorifies the God that I love and serve, and acts as a light to those around me."

Molly Morton

Molly Morton has long-loved the Irish people. After many years of leading short-termteams to Ireland through her connection to Azusa Pacific University, Molly's love for the Irish people grew. Over time, she felt that God's mission for her could best be fulfilled by serving in Ireland full-time. 

Molly expects her first term to focus primarily on culture learning and discerning where she will ultimately settle for ministry. Molly especially looks forward to inviting Irish youth to know Jesus and helping to equip them to be his followers who in turn introduce others to him! 


Evangelical Friends Mission’s work in Ireland started more than 20 years ago with church planting and leadership training. Friends Southwest was first introduced to Ireland when Kathi Perry started her ministry in Ireland in 2001. Through our partnership with EFM, FSW has the privilege to serve and support Kathi Perry and Molly Morton. While Christianity has been a part of Ireland’s history, there is still a great need for the Gospel in all of Ireland. EFM’s continued focus is on evangelism, leadership development and church planting is a vital part of our ministry as we seek to fulfill the Great Commission in the spirit of the Great Commandment!


We are committed to partnering alongside our Indonesian Friends to establish a Friends culture and assist with leadership development among a network of thriving Friends Churches. 

luke 10 initiative

The Luke 10 Initiative was created by EFM to discern where God is calling us to start new works in new global fields. Local churches among our Evangelical Friends regions gather together to pray and discern where God is calling us and then teams are sent out to see with our own eyes and hearts if God is confirming those locations. In addition, EFM's aim to send 10 new households to 5 new mission fields by 2025 is facilitated by the Luke 10 Initiative. If you are interested in global missions, EFM has an annual Future Missionary Retreat every Spring to mentor, pray alongside and help discern God's call upon your life. For more information, contact Sung Kim at sungk@fsw.church